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Recommended Video Gear

  • Small Shoot Location Kit

    • Computer

      Apple Macintosh

      for professional grade work: MacBook Pro laptop with at least

      • 8 GB RAM
      • 2 USB 3.0 ports
      • 1 fast high performance/reliability external USB 3.0 work drive (HGST preferred, Toshiba or Hitachi - NOT Seagate or LaCie)
      • 1 USB 3.0 backup drive
    • Cameras

    • If you are just getting started any camcorder will do. The important thing is to shoot, shoot, shoot and edit, edit, edit. Even if you plan to specialize in shooting or editing it is important to experience both. Explore, see what grabs you and come up with creative projects. Post to the internet and show your work wherever you can get some feedback. When you have a good idea of the direction you want to go then explore equipment options that best serve your projects. For example:

      • General: At lest HD prosumer quality. Canon, Sony, Panasonic are all good brands.
      • Sports: GoPro is a great choice.
      • Stock Video: The HD stock market is pretty saturated. Go for UHD/4K. Check out How to Make Money Shooting Stock Footage, and explore the various stock footage vendors' offerings.

      DSLR cameras that also shoot video are popular, and handy in some situations, but can be limited, especially in sound and zoom features. Whatever your needs, check the specs and reviews carefully before buying.

    • Tripods

      tall with fluid head

    • Audio Recorder

      Zoom H1 or H4

    • Microphones

      • Audio Technica lavalier ATR3350 (2)
      • Shure SM58 with switch (2)
    • Mic Stands/Boom

      standard adjustable boom style

    • Accessories & Misc.

      • Notbook & pens
      • Business cards
      • Releases: talent & location
      • Clapboard slate
      • Spare Batteries & Chargers
      • Spare media chips
      • Flashlight
      • Audio/Video cables & adapters
      • Gaffer's tape
      • Power strips & extension cords
      • Light reflectors
      • Tools
      • e.l.f.Studio high definition translucent powder
      • Makeup kit & mirror
      • Clean combs
      • Rain gear & warm jackets
      • Water & energy bars
      • First Aid kit
      • Mobile phone
  • net symbol