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Embeded Media Examples

Video Examples

Here are some examples of embeded videos at the maximum size for viewing on mobile devices as small as the iPhone 4s. Of course you can always use the Full Screen button for any screen size.

YouTube embeds are served from the YouTube servers, and end with an ad frame that lets the visitor leave your website, in a new window, and go to a YouTube video considered related by YouTube. At least closing the new window returns the visitor to your website. If you don't want that the alternative is to host the media on your site and serve it directly from there.

YouTube Embeds:

DeltaPrintr Time Lapse (no sound)

Solar Installation Time Lapse

Crestone Music Festival Compilation

Local Embed:

An old promo done for fun when I was learning Keynote

Audio Examples

About time (.m4a) - 0:03

Goldberg Variation 4a1 Clav (.mp3) - 1:09

Crash (.wav)

net symbol