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Website Development Basics

Once you have a good idea of what you want, to create a new website you need three things: ownership of a domain name, a hosting provider and a website designer.

These services can all be provided by the same vendor, or any combination. I am a website designer and a hosting service reseller for InMotion Hosting, but I do not register domain names.

You can use my website design services on a site hosted elsewhere, or use my hosting service and hire a different website designer, or have me wear both hats. But you must purcase, and renew your domain name on your own from a Registrar service.

Some novice-friendly, but very limited, template-bound hosting services, like WordPress, include domain registration as part of a convenient all-in-one package. But beware, if you ever want to migrate to a new host you may have to first transfer your domain name to an independent Registrar, a complex and lengthy process, or you could lose your domain name forever (a security precaution). You, or your new hosting provider should research this before making such a move.

My Reseller Hosting Services

As a reseller I can offer the hosting facilities of a world-class, state-of-the-art hosting service with fast solid state drives (SSD), InMotion Hosting, but with more personal and responsive customer support on hosting issues than if you use them directly. If a though issue comes up for which I need support I have access to their support staff who are already familiar to me, which makes resolving problems faster and easier. Once a new site is up and running tech support is rarely needed.

I am also familiar with their services and have access to resources that may not be available to me from other hosting providers. With an unfamiliar hosting provider I never know what I might run into, and especiallly with template-bound providers, my website design options can be severly limited, so I require that such existing domains be migrated to my hosting service, or at least to a host that allows me to create custom web pages without having to use some lame template-bound interface.

You might get a cheaper rate from another hosting service, but I believe my hosting services are well worth the $10/mo.

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