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Domain Name Transfer Request

This form is to request the transfer of your domain name to a new Registrar.

There are some hoops to jump through. You will be asked to create an account with the new Registrar, log in to your current Registrar and ask for a Domain Name Transfer Authorization Code, which you then submit to the new Registrar. If approved the transfer should be completed within five days. I'll help if I can, but cannot pretend to be the domain owner and do it for you without your credit card info and logins to your email account and both Registrars, which I won't do.

CAUTION: If your current registrar is passed through an all-in-one package, like WordPress, you will not be able to contact the Registrar directly. You must get the Transfer Authorization Code from WordPress (or whomever), and TRANSFER THE DOMAIN NAME BEFORE CANCELING THE HOSTING SERVICE, or you will lose the domain name.

It's all about security, preventing someone from hijacking your domain by pretending to be you.

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